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Dunlop Cry Baby or Vox Wah Pedal MOD SERVICE

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Verkäufer: modestmikesmods (3.078) 100%, Artikelstandort: Bella Vista, Arkansas, Versand nach: US, Artikelnummer: 320840934143 From Modest Mike’s Mods *This listing is for mod service for your wah. You send us a pedal, we do the mods. Choose any 3 mods for $58. Or for the best deal, get "the works" (just get the works!). *These mods are not for everyone. We can mod Vox V847 (old standard Vox), Vox V847-A (new standard Vox), Vox V848 (Clyde McCoy), Dunlop GCB-95 (standard Crybaby), Dunlop Hendrix JH1, Dunlop Hendrix JH1-B, Dunlop Jerry Cantrell, Dunlop Zakk Wylde, and Wasburn. We can also mod the made in China Vox 847 with the new surface mount technology. *Sorry, we do not mod 535Q, GCB-95F, Dimebag Darrell Crybaby From Hell, Slash Wah, Hendrix Fuzz Wah, Mr. Crybaby Vol./Wah, Rackmount Crybaby (DCR-2SR), or 95Q ("switchless" Crybaby). * If you haven't seen it, check out "The Pedal That Rocks The World." This will get you excited enough to want to pick up your guitar and practice! Wah'z happening? You just have to have a wah for some variety. Let's get it sounding good! Pick any 3 of these mods: *True Bypass! Does your wah affect your chain of sound when you turn it off? Is it a tonesucker? Unless it has true bypass, the answer is an emphatic YES! These pedals are notorious tone suckers. When your wah is not on but still plugged into your amp or pedal chain, your guitar's signal still has to pass through the circuitry of the wah. This robs tone quality...especially the high frequency range. True bypass eliminates tone sucking! We replace your old foot switch with a new 3PDT. This allows us to rewire your wah in a way that allows the sound to travel around the circuitry. When you are switched off of the wah effect, your guitar's signal will now go into the input of your wah and straight out the output jack to your amp, or next effect pedal. Once this is done, add a little magic! We can do these modifications to improve the sound of your wah: *Sweep Mod Adds better EQ to the the sweep, makes it sound a little less thin and "trebly". *Vocal Mod Adds more vocal quality. Makes it sound like it wants to talk! *Volume Boost Mod Did you ever notice...your volume level drops a little when you click on the wah effect? Not any more! This mod brings up the volume level of the wah to match the volume level of your clean sound. *Gain and Bass Response Mod Adds a little gain and bass to the wah. Sounds nice on mellow sounds, but also crank up your amp and add some dirt for a touch of growl! *Midrange Mod Increases the mids and helps to smooth out the response between the bass and treble, helps if your wah sounds dull and muted when you rock the pedal back. *Volume Pedal Mod This mod allows you to use your wah as a volume pedal! If you have seen our modified wahs before, you will notice something different. We have replaced the toggle switch we once used with a push button switch. When the button is pushed in your pedal is a wah pedal. Push the button again, and you get the volume pedal effect. You can use the side of your foot to activate this if you like, instead of reaching down to control it by hand. The button is easy to push.When you rock the pedal all the way back, the volume is very low. Just rock the pedal forward for swells, to set your overall volume level, or to use as a clean boost pedal. *Add an LED "Is this thing on?" We can add an ultra clear/blue Led to your wah. *These are not just generic "one mod fits all" mods. Each pedal is unique. I test after each mod and adjust to your wah's sound. From customers who bought our modified wahs, or had our mod service done to their wah: "Very pleased, GREAT job! I’ve already told 2 friends about you and will definitely spread the word!" "Man,that blue LED...I turned it on in my bedroom it was dusk outside...that thing lit up the whole damn room! And the volume mod is perfect..I’m GLAD it doesn’t go all the way seems just about right...cant wait to try it out with my band...much appreciated Mike! I’ll be in touch." The wah mod is awesome! Loving it already and haven’t even hooked into my cabinet with my band! Just played through a little crate practice amp but I can tell a big difference! Thanks again, the wah is wicked! "Hi Mike, I wanted to thank you for doing such a good job on my Vox Wah pedal. I appreciate the extra effort you put into helping me get a sound that I like. I will be spreading your name around those who are looking for someone who does good quality work. Someone like you. Thanks again. I hope you will come hear us sometime. In Christ, Karl" From: andy/jamie Subject: Re: Chinese wah "Hey Mike! I am very happy with my fully modded crybaby GCB95!!! It has helped shape my sound immensely since I got it back from you...Myself and my bandmates are asking how I did without this thing except on 1 or 2 songs before!!! I use it at least a little bit on nearly every song we play...whether it be for a ripping solo or as a volume/gain pedal when I need it man!" "Awesome Product. Incredible Tone. Happy customer here." Buyer: vintel7 "DUUUDE! I got it. And it's awesome. Everything works brilliantly. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. TJ" We did a mod on a Dunlop "Jimmy Cantrel" wah. Darin sent us this email: "The wah sounded great!" Darin and his band nighTTrain just did a gig in Kansas City in front of 20,000 people! Can you imagine that? Jim sent us a TR-2 and a Cry Bay wah for mods. I have not heard him play, but you should see this guy juggle!"I applaud your work. Nice additions to the TR-2. The wah is a huge improvement. The volume pedal addition is awesome. Thank You So Much! I'll spread the word." David got one of our Cry Baby mods and also one of our MXR Dyna Comp mods: "Mike, The pedals are AMAZING. They both sound fantastic. Great job. Let me know on whether there is a mod for my vintage DOD Phasor 401. Thanks again. Dave" From Michel "Hi Mike I got the cry baby today one word WOW!!!!! A happy customer!" 9:30pm from Michel "This thing Sings!!!" 9:45pm from Michel "This thing Screams!!!" Wow Michel, I hope your neighbors are cool! “You got a wah? Send it to Modest Mike!” Robert J. "Great pedal, nice sound & features!" Buyer: griffing “Received my wah GCB-95 back today, thanks so much!! Exactly the fat classic sound I was looking for!! Will be doing more business with you soon!!!!” Steve V. Wait a minute...Steve V? It couldn't be...could it? "This pedal is insanely unique! It's become a staple on my board. I'll be back! jgp76 (294) From Thomas "Got the pedal today!!!! Right on man!!!! Here is a sample of what I do: Thanks again Mike!" "This is now the best wah that I have ever owned - thank you so much - I love the way it sounds!" - anabugg22 "Got the wah last night! Ripped open the box, plugged it up. YOU DID AN EXCELLENT JOB! I myself, have been a AV bench tech for over 30 yrs. You not only have good ears, but it also takes good technical knowledge of filters EQ's, gain, attenuation etc. to. I'll refret a Strat or a Les Paul before i'll tear into a pedal. I may get a schematic if it doesn't work. Again great work! PS. Sent a few more pic's. One, is my PA cabinets I built after I completed them, 1 1/2 yrs. ago. Since I added 2 more mids and 2 subs, and has 10KW in the gas tank! The other, is my guitar rig at a show I did in Louisville, with Danny Johnson of Steppenwolf." Jerry "Dude you are the man!! The wah is great has never sounded so good! Had that wah since high school and it broke my heart when it failed. I will send the chorus and other wah next. By the way the metal pedal KICKS ASS no more hiss like the old days. Much cleaner sound." Robby “Dear Mike, I received my second modded pedal from you today and I’m excited to have another unbelievably improved effect to work with. Playing through my newly modded Crybaby GCB-95 (I got “the works”) is so much better. The sound that used to be a bit thin is now full and smooth. With the voice mod it sounds as if the guitar is literally singing. The volume pedal mod saves me the cost of another pedal, while saving space on my board. I’ve always thought there should’ve been a LED on it and now it’s there. I can hardly wait to bring it to band practice this week. They’re gonna love it! Great work! Thank you once again, Tim” “OMG Mike modded Vox 847A and it sounds amazing… better than anything I've owned! Member id twinlobsters From Australia "Hey Mike, Got my cry baby in the mail today and just wanted to say that it sounds fantastic. I've had a few wah's over the years and I can see this one sticking around for a long time. Can't wait to show it to the fellas. Thanks buddy. Mark" "Hey Mike.....the wah sounds fantastic! Rob" From Russia! "Hello Mike! I received pedal today. THANK YOU VERY MUCH. It's a great pedal, really true wah ;) Nick" "Hey Mike: I got a chance to REALLY give the new wah a test drive today ... WOW! That thing is freakin' incredible! I've never played through a wah with anywhere near the range of that pedal. And it's almost TOO quick! It will take some getting used to, but the amount of voicing heard for just 1/4" of travel is as much as MANY of the pedals I've played for the full throw. And, most importantly, it sounds fantastic. It's so near a talk box I could probably make it sound like that, with enough practice. Thanks again - great work!" Mike "Impeccable work Mike! Thank you! A winning Clyde McCoy is in the house! Bravo!" Chris We recently modified a Cry Baby GCB-95 and a Line 6 DL4 for Kevin:“Hey there Mike,Thank you for the excellent work on both pedals. The wah is a lot of fun now and the delay works like a charm. If I'm ever in need of more pedal work, I'll be sending it to you. I'll also let all my peeps up here in Spokane know.” “Mike,The Crybaby Wah sounds amazing!!! It's exactly what I envisioned when I sent you the pedal to mod! Thank you sir!! And if anyone needs a pedal modded I will definitely recommend you! Beau (saturn8 on eBay)” "Hi Mike, I can't thank you enough for the fabulous job you did on my Cry Baby wah pedal. The mods are fantastic and the pedal works like a charm. In addition, I would like to thank you for going above and beyond by fixing and rewiring the battery issue! You are a class act. I will definitely be recommending you to my friends here in the New York metropolitan area. Thanks again, Mike...I look forward to doing business with you in the future. Jim " "Hey Mike, it's Paul G here, I can't thank you enough for the work you put in on this guy, and how reasonable your price for such good work was, of course! Just showed up quick as can be, and sounds amazing. Such an impressive boost in tone and range all around, and utterly ideal with the volume and adapter mods. You can be sure that I'll be recommending you up and down! Can't wait to get it on stage. I'll be in touch again I'm sure, best of luck and please keep up the great work." "The absolute best sounding wah I've ever heard! After 2 days of testing I can honestly say this was an excellent purchase. This is the epitome of wah sound, where it should always have been. You do great work brother. I'll write you a stellar review for your page if you'd like."You just wrote a stellar review. Thanks Charles! "Hey Mike, It's Paul G here, I can't thank you enough for the work you put in on this guy, and how reasonable your price for such good work was, of course! Just showed up quick as can be, and sounds amazing. Such an impressive boost in tone and range all around, and utterly ideal with the volume and adapter mods. You can be sure that I'll be recommending you up and down! Can't wait to get it on stage. I'll be in touch again I'm sure, best of luck and please keep up the great work."March 2nd, 2014 “Hey there Mike, I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the Mod you performed on my old Dunlop Wah. Awesome stuff! First off, the pedal sounds fantastic. Functionally perfect as well. Secondly though and more importantly, the customer service you provide takes a back seat to no one. Great communication, super fast turn-around, extras thrown in.......I couldn't be more satisfied! This won't be the last time you hear from me. Rock on! Jack" Choose any 3 of these mods for a total of $58. This is the minimum charge, considering postage will be higher on a wah than on most other pedals. USPS Priority return shipping is included in our prices! Choose any of the other effects for an extra $10 each. *OR...just get "the works" for an extra $20 (hey, just get the works!). You get five circuit mods, true bypass, volume pedal mod, and an added LED! *If you would like more than 3 of these mods, or "the works," just send a quick email. We will send you a paypal invoice. Three point checklist 1) We will be performing our mod service on your Dunlop or Vox wah pedal. 2) Please include your return address, and any special information about your mod, on a piece of paper inside the package you will be sending us. 3) Just before sending, please recheck steps 1 and 2. Please send your pedal to: Modest Mike’s Mods 21 Nottingham DR Bella Vista, AR 72715 The turnaround time is 3 business days, and that includes a 12 hour burn test to make sure your pedal is solid and dependable. Your pedal will be shipped back by USPS Priority mail which is included in the price of the mod! If you want to replace your inductor, or your potentiometer (pot), just send those along with your pedal. If you are getting "the works," We will switch those out for you at no extra charge! I can also order pots or inductors for you. The installation is free (free labor, you buy the part) as long as you are having a mod done. *DC Adapter Jack Some wahs don't have one. Does your wah only work with a battery? Made in the USA Vox wahs and some very old Dunlop wahs do not have an external power jack...some have an outdated 1/8 inch jack that no one uses any more. For an extra $10, we can drill a 1/2'' hole, do some rewiring, and install a new standard 9 volt DC power jack. You will then be able to plug in an outside 9 volt power source to power your wah, just like most of your other pedals. No more batteries! Well, when this jack is installed, you still have the option to use a battery if you like. Waht more could you ask for? We have the world’s best fully modded Crybaby GCB-95's and fully modded Vox V847's. That didn’t sound so modest, did it? The Cry Baby GCB-95 sells for $129, and that includes USPS Priority shipping. The Vox V847 is American made and sells for $20 more, because we drill a 1/2 inch hole and install a 9 volt DC jack on this one. Send us a quick email, we will send you a paypal invoice. Who’s next? "If you need a modded pedal or a pedal modded, we can make it happen. We make your sounds sound good!" Thanks for looking, and keep rockin'! Mike Check out all of our mod services and modified pedals at our eBay store, website, and on youtube! Condition: Seller refurbished, Brand: Vox, Dunlop, Model: GCB-95 and V847, Effects Type: Wah & Volume

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