6 Stück Serviette Ring Blickfang Zierliche Multi-Layer-Chic für Bankett

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Seller: toplittlerock ✉️ (155.279) 98.8%, Location: ShenZhen, CN, Ships to: EUROPE, Item: 384868651141 6 Stück Serviette Ring Blickfang Zierliche Multi-Layer-Chic für Bankett. #app { overflow: hidden; } * { padding: 0; margin: 0; box-sizing: border-box; } ul { list-style: none; } img { width: 100%; vertical-align: middle; } a { text-decoration: none; } #app .main .head { padding: 20px 0; text-align: center; } #app .main .category ul { display: flex; justify-content: space-between; } #app .main .category ul li { flex: 1; } #app .main .category ul li a { display: block; text-align: center; line-height: 40px; padding:0 5px; overflow: hidden; white-space: normal; word-break: break-word; display: -webkit-box; -webkit-line-clamp: 1; -webkit-box-orient: vertical; color: #333; box-shadow: -4px -1px 14px #c1a7f6 inset; transition: all 0.3s; } #app .main .category ul li a:active { box-shadow: 9px -7px 14px #cdcdcd inset; } @media (max-width: 992px) { #app .main .category ul li {min-width: 100px;} #app .main .category ul li a{ font-size: 14px; 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Aufgrund des hervorragenden Herstellungs prozesses nicht leicht verformt, kratzt dieser Servietten ring auch nicht an den Händen und ist während des Gebrauchs sehr sicher, da die Kanten sehr glatt sind. Es besteht aus hochwertigem Edelstahl material. Der Durchmesser des Produkts beträgt 4,2 cm. Dieser Servietten ring eignet sich für Restaurant, Hotel, Zuhause oder Hochzeit usw. Artikel name: Servietten ring Features: Auffällig, rostfrei, lang anhaltende Hinweise: Aufgrund der Licht-und Bildschirme in stellungs unterschiede, die Farbe des Artikels kann sich geringfügig von den Bildern unterscheiden.Bitte erlauben Sie einen leichten Dimensions unterschied aufgrund unterschied licher manueller Messungen. 6 x Servietten ring New Arrival, You May Like 1 stück USB 2.0 4 in 1 Speicher Multi Card Reader für M2 SD SDHC DV Micro SD $ 3.00 Ratschenschlüssel Torx Sechseckige allgemeine Wärmebehandlung Handwerkzeuge $ 21.88 22-24 24-27 22-27 Ratschen schlüssel Hochhärte Schwärzungs-Prozess-Werkstatt $ 24.21 Payment Shipping Return Contact Us 1. We acceptPayPal,Credit card,Debit card,Apple Pay,Google Pay ect as payment. 2. Please be sure your shipping address is correct before make a payment. 1. We ship to your eBay or Paypal address. Please make sure your eBay and Paypal address is correct before you pay. 2. Items will be shipped within 1-7 business days when we received payment. 3. Delivery time depends on destination and other factors. 4. International buyers please note: a. Import duties, taxes and charges are not included in the item price or shipping charges. These charges are buyer's responsibility. We will try our best to reduce the risk of the custom duties. b. Please check with your country's customs office to determine what these additional costs will be prior to buying. 30 DAY RETURN POLICY Customer Satisfaction is our main goal, all items are quality checked prior to being listed and sent out. Please contact us prior to leaving any Negative Feedback and allow us to make things right! If you not satisfied with it please include the original packaging and return form & tracking number otherwise the return may take longer to process the refund. Once we have received the item and inspected it we will issue the refund or resend within 1-7 business days. Please contact us in time if any enquriy under any circumstances. We greatly appreciate your positive feedback and we'll do the same to you. We care about our valued customers, and will always try our best to help you, if you have any problems. Working time: GMT+8 / 9:00-18:30 in normal we will reply you in one working day. Am 03.05.22 hat der Verkäufer die folgenden Angaben hinzugefügt:.dctrackerimg{display:none;}.dctrackerimg:last-of-type{display:block;}p:empty+hr{display:none;}hr+span.ebay,hr+*>span.ebay{display:none;} Condition: Neu, Color: Golden

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